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Uninhibited Cutting Experience

No bulk across the back

Tired of wrestling with the cape behind the chair- dropping your comb, never getting a totally flat surface, and accidentally un-snapping a neckline that's unflattering and uncomfortable?

At Noa & Co, we innovated the haircutting experience that has been overlooked for decades, eliminating the bulky fabric across the back and replacing it with a smooth canvas and snaps across the front collarbone. And we did it in a breathable, buttery-soft fabric made from Econyl® yarn, a 100% nylon fibre/yarn from pre- and post- consumer waste such as fishing nets.

Now Available in 3 Lush Tones!

Vibes and visible contrast for all hair colors.


ELVTE Salon Cape

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I love the thoughtfulness that Chenoa has put into the cape. As a salon professional, I have also wanted to create capes that were more luxurious, but I quickly realized that was not my wheelhouse! Now I have a luxury cape with a classic design and the comfort of my clients in mind! Genius creation and what a way to give back to the industry and the environment. Happy to be connected with Not & Co! Forever a fan!


I love this way of draping my clients with snaps in the front! It feels more personable!


I LOVE MY NEW CUTTING CAPE!! I used to have so much trouble with the velcro falling off over time and having to use clips to close my old capes. I used to have so much trouble keeping my lines nice and smooth in the back because of my old cutting capes. My comb was always getting stuck and there were always bumps in the hair. All my woes are gone now!! Not only does the cape save me time and make my cuts more precise, BUT NOW I look cool while doing it!! And with it being sustainable and woman-owned, I feel so many great vibes!!


I absolutely love how comfortable the neckline was and the material is super smooth. The best part is that it's eco-friendly!

client feedback

I love anything local and sustainable! I love that it can accomodate size!


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  • Elevating The Way You Do Hair With Contemporary and Sustainable Design.

Elevating The Way You Do Hair With Contemporary and Sustainable Design.