You’re the last step in bringing this thing full circle.

ELVTE Your Used Cape To A New Life!

 The ELVTE Salon Cape's Life Story:


Step 1- Healthy Seas  

ocean conservation
1% of every purchase is donated to Healthy Seas, a non profit organization that performs ocean cleanups collecting old fishing nets and other plastics to help protect the lives of marine animals. 

Step 2 - Econyl® Thread

Those recovered fishing nets and plastics are sent to Aquafil’s facility in Italy, where it gets made into regenerated Econyl nylon thread!

Step 3 - Italian fabric

From there, our Italian fabric manufacturer uses the Econyl® thread to create our stunning sustainable fabrics in accordance with their extensive code of ethics, “Green Company” initiative and ISO140001 certification.  Because of these standards and certifications, workers rights and conditions are fair and decent and the manufacturing process is as clean as possible. 

Step 4 - Design, pattern, and production in the US 

Next, fabric travels to our cape producer stateside at a design and development manufacturer in New Orleans, Louisiana.  This producer created our designs and patterns when our capes were merely a dream and we love this ongoing relationship.  
The design manufacturer also supports a fashion design school-fostering future creative manufacturing careers. We love being a part of that!

Step 5 - Then it comes to YOU 

Capes go home with you and support your work with ease and sustainability day to day for years! When their time is through, you close the loop with ELVTE re-NEW! Simply send us your salon capes and we’ll give you $15 towards your next purchase!


I'm ready to close the loop!

From our founder, Chenoa Brookins...

For years I worked as a stylist, loving the work I was doing to help people feel and look their best, but I didn't feel good about the amount of waste being produced in the process!
Noa & Co is the product of my continuous quest for sustainability in the hair industry. This is my effort to help build that future for us. I hope to ELVTE the sustainable hairstylists out there, until eco-conscious options become the norm. 

Join the community!

You're not alone in your concerns about the sustainability of this industry. Together we can create the planet-loving future we need.
xoxo, Chenoa