Our Story

Meet the Founder

"When I started Noa & Co. I wanted to create a luxury salon attire brand with products rooted in sustainability and re-defining the salon industry’s essential tools. As a salon professional myself, I’ve seen the waste that the industry can create and wanted to create a brand that actively worked to counteract this while still delivering high quality, luxury products.”


Our first product, the ELVTE haircutting cape, was developed with both the hairstylist and planet in mind. We eliminated the bulky material across the back to make haircutting and styling easier for the stylist, solving common issues that many stylists face daily with traditional cutting capes. I'm also proud to say our materials are sourced from credible textile manufacturers and are made from high quality recycled pre- and post-consumer plastic.


I’m so excited to introduce Noa & Co. to the salon professional world and I can’t wait for everyone to try our ELVTE cape. Together we can help create a more sustainable salon environment.”


- Chenoa, Founder + CEO


Our Mission and Values

At Noa & Co, we’ve created a brand that prides itself on high ethical standards and a determination to create sustainably sourced products. Seeing the wastefulness in the industry firsthand, we wanted to create a brand that actively reduces our industry’s carbon footprint while also solving common issues many stylists face.

Our products are made with the stylist in mind. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between aesthetics and functionality by providing thoughtfully designed, luxury salon tools for salon professionals. We want you to be both proud and excited whenever you reach for our products.

We hope to have a line of products that shakes up the market and changes the way stylists view their tools.  We are launching with the cape, and plan to expand our product line with more items that will help lead the salon industry into a more effective and sustainable future.