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Introducing the ELVTE REVIVE Limited Edition Salon Cape - designed for hairstylists who appreciate the original ELVTE Salon Cape's functionality but seek an equally stylish yet more accessible option. Same sophisticated design with gorgeous fabrics rescued from a fate in the landfill.

With a revitalized design that’s decades overdue, finally a salon cape that works better, looks stunning and creates less waste!

We designed our ELVTE cape to snap across the left collarbone, leaving the back of the client smooth and clear for you to do your thing!  With an adjustable neck diameter up to 25”, your clients will feel comfortable and considered when they see themselves in the mirror in a luxurious cutting cape that fits all shapes and sizes.  

Your work will feel seamless and look flawless, your clients will like what they see and how they feel, and we'll do it sustainably!

  • Snaps across left collarbone
  • 2 additional snaps at lower left to keep lap covered
  • Flat cutting surface across back
  • Customizable neck diameter up to 25”
  • Soft & breathable repurposed fabric
  • Made in USA

Join us in the movement towards sustainable salon practices with the ELVTE REVIVE Limited Edition - where accessibility meets sophistication, and every salon cape tells a story of environmental responsibility. Elevate your salon experience with style and purpose.

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